Job Description of General Administration

Job Description

TITLE: General Administrator

REPORTS TO: Principal

PAY: Salary as determined by the Board of Directors


Minimum Bachelor’s degree in any discipline. (Preference: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Health and Physical Education

He/she needs to have a working knowledge of and interest in indoor and outdoor activities; especially games, sports, and athletic disciplines.

Candidate must have an all-round ability to conduct, organize and host programs for college students.

Excellent oral and written communication skills

Position Overview

The Attendance and Discipline Support Specialist at Brixton College works closely with students, their families and support persons, group homes, and services providers to monitor and improve attendance by enforcing the attendance policy. The Attendance and Discipline Support Specialist is also responsible for implementing the college’s code of conduct. The position reports directly to the principal.

Essential Responsibilities

College Mission and Vision

• Promote the mission and vision of Brixton College within the College and the community

• Model and teach a growth mindset Student enrollment and engagement

• Collaborate with the principal to monitor students passing orientation

• Monitor student attendance to ensure compliance with the college attendance policy

• Coordinate support for students with chronic absenteeism

• Implement interventions for students with poor attendance

• Supervise and monitor student discipline with an eye on identifying root causes

• Communicate and document consequences of behavior infractions to students and parents

• Coordinate discipline meetings with parents and administration in accordance with college policy

• Implement interventions for students with chronic behavior violations

• Communicate with staff regarding interventions and outcomes

• Contact parents/guardians/support persons regarding student attendance and behavior

• Develop and administer practices to support campus safety

• Maintain visibility in common areas before and after College Family support

• Inform parents of attendance and discipline concerns

• Leverage parent support in student learning

• Provide training to parents on College policy and how students earn credit

• Identify, implement and monitor opportunities and programs to bolster parent/guardian participation in College life

• Work in partnership with College administration at the parent meetings to gain information and stakeholder feedback and communicate key information to parents about the academic program Key Characteristics

• Adheres to all College policies and procedures

• Focus on students and support persons as customers and commit to working relentlessly to assist them with interactions, resources, and information aligned to Brixton’s mission

• Coaches, mentors, and challenges others to excel despite obstacles and challenging situations

• Builds positive relationships in and out of the organization

• Increases the effectiveness of surrounding teams through collaboration, constant learning, and supporting others; sensitive to diversity in all its forms; respects and is committed to learning from others

• Communicates clearly and compellingly with diverse stakeholders in both oral and written forms; anticipates and responds to stakeholder needs in a high-quality and courteous manner

• Exercises responsibility and good faith efforts in the proper use and protection of all College properties, equipment, and materials

• Demonstrates a positive work ethic and active participation in College improvement

• Exercises responsibility and good faith efforts in the proper use and protection of all College properties, equipment, and materials

Physical Demands

Nature of work requires an ability to operate standard business office equipment. Requires ability to communicate and exchange information, collect, compile and prepare work documents, and set up and maintain work files.

Working Conditions

Majority of work is performed in a general office environment. The position requires availability for extended hours plus nontraditional hours required to perform job duties. Also requires participation and attendance at organization-sponsored events and meetings.

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