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The college was founded in 2009 affiliated to one of the prestigious university of Nepal (Pokhara University) with a vision to inspire excellence among the scholars. We view management learning in a slightly different way. In fact, the business climate today is increasingly volatile and unpredictable.

Traditional ways, models just don’t seem to provide the answers anymore. What leaders and the managers find themselves doing is rely more on their judgment and less on these traditional ways of looking at the world.

At Brixton BBA, Program, explain how the Professional Management Program casts a spotlight on the process of judgment and demonstrates that exercising judgment is neither art not science but a craft that can be honed with practice, reflection, feedback and coaching.

The college has a vibrant atmosphere for the management education providing prerequisites and necessary conditions on the basis of social values for spiritual, professional and socially responsible personal development.

Our Vision

Change is an essential part of nature. In fact, the only thing constant about change is change itself. People who do not adapt with the changing times are at risk of being left behind.

Resistance to change is a major hurdle in achieving one's goals- be it personal or professional. At BRIXTON we believe in the philosophy of change for betterment.

Our Mission

Our objective is to prepare the students to excel in all walks of life. Tapping and molding the potential of a section of the population of a country that boasts of the youngest demography amongst large economies, we take natural pride in our duty.

We promote an open culture that fosters creativity. The ability to nurture, deliver, analyze and develop the young budding minds to mature professionals is what sets us apart. Applying managerial concepts to the fast changing business environment is what our students learn through an appropriate mix of theory and practice.

All the best dear students

We welcome you to the exciting new environment that will take you to greater heights.

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