for shaping the future

1. Innovation club

The Innovation Club is a student run open club initiative that engages & inspires students to pursue their careers and life by doing what they love. We aim to train together a diverse set of students who all share one thing the desire to ‘Live their passion and play a huge role to inspire and innovate in what they do.

The club aims to provide a conduct by which students can access to knowledge, network with community leaders & entrepreneurs. The club organizes regional and national events every year.

The club organizes various activities such as business plan competition, business development plan as a guest lecture, case analysis competition, best manager competition, arts and music etc.


Apart from various other management clubs and events Brixton also deep faith on grooming students extracurricular through sports activities.

With a view to redefine sports the club has gone on to organize events such as inter collegiate volleyball competition, basketball, cricket and many other.


Media house is an another initiative of the Brixton college. all the events and activities held throughout the semester are get captured, videotaped and designed to promote our activities among the scholars.


Brixton college with the change in business and managerial environment and with the ever growing market has realized the need to connect and collaborate with an individual and institutions and create a space to disseminate something that is worth spreading to many others.

Among the various initiative developed so far Brixton recently comes up with its brand new initiative “B- Talk” with a mission to create a space to inspire through talk.

‘B-talk” is a regional community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. On this special B Talk we’re building a clearing house of free knowledge from the most inspired thinkers and a community of curious souls to engage with ideas, passion and innovation in a most inspiring way


Shake hand club is another initiative taken by the college as its social wings to give back to the community where we live and grow as a social obligation. The club organizes myriads of activities across Mahendranagar to instill the spirit of responsible citizenship among the students and various stakeholders.

Among numerous CSR events, we conduct throughout the year some of them are, street drama on women trafficking plantation, donor program to old aged home and orphanage, bicycle rally on martyrs day and blood donation program etc.