From the Desk of Board Members ..🖉

Message from the chairperson

Dr. Netra Raj Chataut


We Believe that education is the route to improving the world in which we live and our approach combines academic enrichment with a focus on the ‘whole‘ person. We hope our students carry with them a sense of humanity as they undertake the challenges of a productive life.

Brixton provides its students with a safe, nurturing environment where individual differences are respected and a zero tolerance policy exists for all forms of bullying. Our college has faculty and staff committed to our vision, who routinely ‘go the extra mile‘ to meet the needs of our students. Individual attention for our students combined with academic as well as co-curricular activities is the main aspects of our college.

The college provides an environment in which the students get inspired to care for others. Our Alumni association in the USA, which has been sponsoring deserving children from weaker economic background, is a living example of this. We can our students to learn, how to solve problems, how to collaborate and communicate and how to take charge of their own learning by becoming self-reflective.

Message from the Managing Director

Dr. Bhojraj Pant

Managing Director

The world requires new generation of global who would contributes to the development of their own organization as well provide leadership to the society to make their own organization as well as provide leadership to the society to make their own country as well as the world a better place to live.

In congruence to it, Brixton College works with the vision “Striving for excellence“. This vision of its founders has contributed significantly in developing skills, imbibing concepts and above all, shaping the values and attitude of the aspirant managers. Brixton College firmly believes that conceptual clarity and skills are important but the essence of wisdom is to develop in and internalize knowledge, which are the functions of values and attitude.

In consonance with it, we encourage the students to be open to new ideas, experiences, and directions. They also learn from among the best in the field and with the finest and brightest in the surrounding. Our pass out students are in regular touch with us and assist the alma-matter, to keep the institute as close as possible to the corporate needs.

Our aim is not just stocking the young minds with bookish knowledge and stale information but is blend of distinctive modern multiple methodologies comprising of management seminars, business plans, paper presentation, book review competitions, debates, taking up live projects like participation in Youth camps aiming to prepare students to test the relevance of every concept and learning in terms of its applicability and make learning a quest and not destination.

Message from the Principal

Mrs. Nisha Bhatt


Change is an essential part of nature. In fact, the only thing constant about change is change itself. People who do not adapt with the changing times are at risk of being left behind. Resistance to change is a major hurdle in achieving one’s goals be it personal or professional.

At Brixton we believe in the philosophy of change for betterment. Our belief is not only in the development of academics but ball around of the students. That is the reason why in merely a couple of years, College has emerged as one of the most happening institutions in Mahendranagar, with an immaculate record of brilliant academic performance coupled with extravagant co-curricular activities such as comprehensive seminars, workshop and students activities.

Our objective is to prepare the students to excel in all walks of the life. Tapping and molding the potential of section of the population of a country that boasts of the youngest demography amongst large economics, we take natural pride in our duty. 

We promote an open cultural that fosters creativity. The ability to the nature, deliver, analyze and develop the young budding minds to mature professionals is what sets us apart. Applying managerial concepts to the fast changing business environment is what our students learn through an appropriate mix of theory and practice.

All the best dear students, we welcome you to the exciting new environment that will take you to greater heights.