Brixton Research Management Committee/Cell (BRMC)

Brixton Research Management Committee/Cell (BRMC) is the dedicated body responsible for coordinating and overseeing research activities at Brixton College. The BRMC plays a crucial role in promoting and facilitating high-quality research among faculty members across various disciplines. It aims to foster a thriving research culture by providing guidance, resources, and administrative support.

Functions and Responsibilities of the BRMC:

  1. Research Facilitation: Assist faculty members in initiating and conducting innovative research projects.
  2. Resource Allocation: Ensure the availability and proper allocation of resources necessary for research.
  3. Guideline Development: Establish and update comprehensive guidelines for conducting and managing research projects.
  4. Quality Assurance: Monitor and evaluate research activities to maintain high standards and ethical practices.
  5. Collaboration: Encourage interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research collaborations.
  6. Capacity Building: Organize workshops, training sessions, and seminars to enhance research skills and knowledge among faculty members.

BRMC Guidelines

The BRMC has developed a set of guidelines designed to streamline research activities at Brixton College, ensuring that all research efforts comply with academic and ethical standards. These guidelines cover essential aspects such as project proposal submission, funding procedures, ethical reviews, and dissemination of research outcomes.

PDF Link For Guideline 

BRMC Members

S NO.NamePosition
1Dr. Netra Raj ChatautChairperson
2Mrs. Nisha BhattMember
3Mr. Gambhir ChandMember
4Mr. Binod BhattMember
5Dr. Bhoj Raj PantMember Secretary


The members of the BRMC are distinguished faculty members who bring extensive expertise and experience to the committee, ensuring effective oversight and support for research activities at Brixton College.

Contact Information

For more information or to seek assistance from the Brixton Research Management Committee, faculty members and researchers can reach out through the following channels:

  • Email:
  • ☎ +977 99 520499 | 590158
  •  By providing comprehensive support and oversight, the BRMC aims to elevate the research standards at Brixton College, contributing significantly to the advancement of knowledge and academic excellence.