Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between, The Everest International School in Tokyo, Japan, and Brixton College. 

We are delighted to announce the formulization of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been successfully established between The Everest International School in Tokyo, Japan, and Brixton College. This significant collaboration was formalized through the dedicated efforts of Mr. Bishnu Prasad Bhatt, the highly respected Principal of The Everest International School, and our esteemed Principal, Mrs. Nisha Bhatt along with respected Managing Director Dr. Bhoj Raj pant sir.
Under this agreement, both institutions look forward to creating enriching opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. The aim is to cultivate a dynamic environment that transcends geographical boundaries, promoting a vibrant exchange of ideas and experiences. Additionally, the MOU sets the stage for joint initiatives that will contribute to the academic and cultural enrichment of our respective communities.
As we embark on this collaborative journey, we are confident that the partnership between The Everest International School and Brixton College will lead to mutual growth and success. We eagerly anticipate the positive outcomes that will arise from our shared commitment to excellence in education and cultural understanding. This MOU signifies not only a formal agreement but also a celebration of the enduring spirit of collaboration between our two esteemed institutions.

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